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MINT Amesterdão. Um colectivo global, uma experiência local brilhante.

O MINT é um evento desenhado especialmente para profissionais de marketing.

MINT Global in Amsterdam is a very different type of event from the normal fair you’ve probably experienced many times before. If you like big, bland venues then MINT is not for you. If you like walking around large conference halls whilst avoiding over eager sales people, then MINT is probably not for you. If you like hearing the same things you heard last year then MINT is definitely not for you.

MINT Global is different:

Attendance is limited to around 120 professional folks. Why? Because after years of organising events, (our own and for others) we know it works. We limit the attendee numbers to ensure there are plenty of opportunities for interesting worthwhile conversations and networking. In a setting where you will be able to engage easily.

Our agenda is focused on content you typically won’t find at other conferences. Innovative, insightful and practical. And don’t forget to check out our unique dinner cruise along the canals of Amsterdam. Attendee last year are still talking about that experience.

Consulte a agenda, conheça os oradores e saiba como participar neste evento que tem lugar no Heineken Experience em Amesterdão.